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What is WSM Agency?

World Sports Management supports professional athletes by providing them with specific advice on all the issues they face during their career.​



Who is WSM Agency?​

Thanks to their own experience in sport and their professional backgrounds, the WSM Agency team offers its players a comprehensive, personalised service aimed at OPTMISING their sporting and financial potential.

​It is licensed by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and relies on a network of partners to offer a full-service package, including sports career management (transfers, canvassing, statistical records, etc.), legal assistance, asset and tax management (advice on contract law, tax solutions, examination of financial issues, etc.), management of the athlete’s partnership and sponsorship deals (identifying partners, negotiating terms and conditions, etc.) and day-to-day assistance on all the ad hoc requirements associated with a sporting career (insurance, medical needs, etc.)

Why choose WSM Agency?

​WSM Agency is a team of individuals whose own experience means they are skilled at identifying the desires of today’s footballers and the players of the future, and giving them access to a highly diverse professional network.

But that’s not all: WSM Agency is also a network of partners selected from the best Switzerland has to offer in their respective fields.

Our key partners include two leading law firms, an asset manager, estate agency and concierge services provider.

Our selection criteria for our partners include an international reputation and experience of managing professional athletes.

As a result, WSM Agency is equipped to manage all kinds of issues, by drawing on the experience of some outstanding professionals.

David Jimenez
CEO | Tél : +41 79 283 94 64

"You are the present, together we are your future!"

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